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Therapeutic Mentoring

Intensive In-home Services

Intensive In-home Services provides up to 10 hours a week of individual and family therapy in the home and community setting. This service is designed to provide support and hope for children and adolescents (and their families) who are at risk of being removed from their home due to serious emotional disturbance, mental illness, and/or intellectual disability. Services are also appropriate for children and adolescents transitioning back into their home and community from residential placements, foster care, and hospitalizations. Intensive in-home services include crisis intervention; individual and family counseling; case management and coordination; as well as, but not limited to, problem solving, communication development, and psycho-education.

Therapeutic Mentoring

Therapeutic Mentoring is a service designed for children and adolescents to promote pro-social and interpersonal skills development through a mentoring relationship with a positive adult role model. Service plans are developed collaboratively with the client and caregiver to address mental health and behavioral concerns, while emphasizing interpersonal and family strengths.